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Since inception in 2003, Star South has grown from South African wholesaler in the fruit market to a business that today covers retail, wholesale and processing sectors across the globe. We serve a diverse range of international clients and boast an extensive portfolio of fresh produce. Over the years, we’ve established a solid, reliable distribution network of the most committed partners globally. And the strength of these connections is paramount with Star South International’s focus on cross trades.

Distinct from Star South Fruits, Star South International nevertheless partners with the former in a mutualistic alliance that ultimately benefits everyone, clients included. Star South Fruits is based in South Africa, which means that Star South International has access to many local farmers across diverse growing regions – and a vast range of quality produce for export.

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Star South International is based in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands – a prime strategic position for managing the complexities of cross trades. “Cross trades – or triangle shipments – are truly beneficial for clients because they help them access new markets, lower costs and streamline operations so that they can get on with their business while trusting the experts to handle all the intricate logistics involved.”- Rob Zevenbergen, Managing Director

In addition, Star South International is strategically irreplaceable in executing the administration and financing of transactions. “Our establishment in the Netherlands grants us access to the most sophisticated and efficient financial and insurance markets, benefiting our entire network of growers, customers and other service providers in terms of cost effectiveness.” – Hans Stouten, Financial Director

Meet the team

Rob Zevenbergen

Managing Director

Hans Stouten

Financial Director

Michiel Osinga

Commercial Manager

Patrick Veelenturf



I am dedicated to my job and to the people I serve.


I am trusted to do what needs to be done, my word is good.


I am quick to act and eager to meet pressing needs.


I am confident in my decisions, respectful in my interactions, and competent in my role.


I am quality-driven and precise – because details matter.


I am careful and attentive from start to finish, whatever the task.


I am consistent in my actions, and believe that success is only possible through excellent execution, every time.

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